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Camper off-grid systems

To escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a while, more and more people are choosing to camp off-grid. If you go self-sufficient camping in the summer or head south in the winter, a solar panel is ideal to extend your stay in a beautiful place. If you want to store the generated energy, choose a Power Station or another battery solution from our range. This will create a sustainable way to power your devices off-grid. Enjoy the freedom, serenity and independence that off-grid camping can offer.

Which solar panel to put on my RV?

When you want to install solar panels on your caravan or camper, you can choose between different solar panels. For example, there are foldable panels for beside your camper, solar panels which have permanent mounting (with an aluminum frame) or (semi) flexible solar panels.

Semi flexible solar panels have the advantage that they take up little space, are easy to install and you can walk on them. Foldable solar panels can come in handy if you wouldn't want to permanently mount the solar panels on your vehicle. Aluminum framed solar panels feature a long service life. Check out our accessories for different mounting options.

What are the benefits of an RV off-grid system?

The biggest advantage of an off-grid system for your RV is, you no longer have to depend on RV sites with a fixed power connection. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly choice. Solar energy is a sustainable way of generating energy. No CO2 emissions are required for your energy.

If you have solar panels on your RV and you have a power station, you can stay in the great outdoors or off-grid more often and longer, while saving costs. Many campgrounds make quite a bit of money from RVers who need electricity. With solar panels, you are no longer dependent on them.

How many solar panels do I need for my RV?

How many solar panels you need for your RV depends on your energy consumption and the space you have available on the roof of your RV. To answer this, you need to understand your expected power consumption. Your daily power consumption is calculated by multiplying the power (watts) of an electrical appliance by the number of hours (h) you use the appliance. Then add up the results and you know the total power consumption in watt-hours (Wh) and therefore how many watts of solar panels you need.

Do you have questions about what would best suit your situation? Please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Ecoflow Independence Kit

The Independence Kit with 5kWh battery offers a complete off-grid power solution. With this modular system from Ecoflow, you have an energy storage and backup system that you can customize entirely to your needs. The system is expandable with batteries from 5 to 15KWh. With this Kit you can create a compact and modular power solution for tiny houses, RVs and caravans. By using the Distribution panel, it is possible to create multiple outlets and DC connections. You can decide at how many amps you want to fuse each group. The panel offers 6x 20 amp 230V AC outlets and 12x 12V DC outlets, all controlled by the power kit console or via the app.

Power Hub

The Power Hub has a capacity of 3600W AC and has two direct processed MPPT solar charge controller, inverter and inverter. This makes the system space saving and easy to connect. The Power Hub has a capacity of 3,600W AC and 1,000W through the DC output ports, so you can power devices such as microwave, TV, refrigerator or laptop. There are also four charging methods available for the hub: 4,800W solar panel, 1,000W alternator, 3,000W mains power or 1,800W via Ecoflow's smart generator. The system is expandable with batteries from 5 to 15KWh. The batteries are stackable and have a built-in battery management system.

Power Kit LFP Battery

Ecoflow's Independence Kit is an expandable system with batteries ranging from 5 to 15KWh. A useful feature of these LFP batteries is that they are self-heating, so ideal for use in winter and during cold conditions.

All cables in the kit are marked, making installation quick and effortless. Additional cables connect easily without tools thanks to the user-friendly push terminals.

The remote control allows you to control your Power Kit system and read information. Monitor your energy consumption, adjust settings and view your energy usage all from the convenient screen.

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