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Camper off-grid systems

To escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a while, more and more people are choosing to camp off-grid. If you go self-sufficient camping in the summer or head south in the winter, a solar panel is ideal to extend your stay in a beautiful place. If you want to store the generated energy, choose a Power Station or another battery solution from our range. This will create a sustainable way to power your devices off-grid. Enjoy the freedom, serenity and independence that off-grid camping can offer.

Solar panels on your motorhome

Discover the benefits of installing solar panels on your motorhome. During long trips, it is not only convenient, but also a considered decision to go partly off-grid and rely on renewable energy sources. Solar energy provides excellent support for this. By installing solar panels on your motorhome, you reduce your dependence on campsites and charging points, allowing you to experience complete freedom during extended road trips.

We recommend putting together an integrated solar panel system, consisting of high-quality solar panels, a smart charge controller and a suitable battery. More and more motorhome owners are also using portable power stations in combination with solar panels, both as a back-up system and a mobile charging solution. With the battery or power station, you are able to use the generated energy at any time for all your equipment in the motorhome. Experience the freedom of sustainable travel with our customised solar solutions for your motorhome.

How to choose the ideal solar panel?

The biggest advantage of an off-grid system for your camper is, you no longer have to depend on camper spots with a permanent power connection. In addition, it is an eco-friendly choice. Solar energy is a sustainable way of generating energy. No CO2 emissions are needed for your energy.

Having solar panels on your motorhome and having a power station will allow you to stay more often and longer in the wild or off-grid, while saving costs. Many campsites earn quite a bit of money from motorhome owners who need electricity. With solar panels, you are no longer dependent on them.

Do you have questions about solar panel systems for motorhomes or want to know more about our brands, such as SUNBEAMSystem and Wattstunde? Feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone! Our team is ready to answer your questions and provide you with expert advice on choosing the most suitable solar system for your vessel.

How do I calculate my energy needs?
  1. Prepare list: List all electrical devices, including navigation equipment, lighting, refrigeration, and other appliances.
  2. Determine energy consumption: Research the energy consumption of each device in watts per hour (W/h). You can often find this information in the manual or on the device itself.
  3. Estimate daily use: Estimate how many hours per day each device is in use.
  4. Calculate daily energy requirement: Multiply the power (in watts) of each device by the daily usage (in hours) and add it all up for the total daily energy requirement in watt-hours (Wh).
  5. Consider autonomy: Consider how many days you want to be off-grid without recharging and multiply the daily energy requirement by the desired number of days.

Follow these steps to determine the optimal energy requirement for your camper and choose the right solar panels and battery storage.

Discover off-grid freedom

Are you considering going partially off-grid during your motorhome adventures? Discover various power solutions to suit your needs and requirements for an autonomous energy supply on the road. Take, for example, the Independence Kit with 5 kWh battery, a complete off-grid power solution from EcoFlow. This modular system offers customisable energy storage and backup, expandable from 5 to 15 kWh batteries. Ideal for motorhomes thanks to its 3600 W AC output and two MPPT solar charge controllers.

Another example is the Anker F3800, which is easy to move around thanks to its thoughtful design with wheels. With up to 6 additional batteries, you reach a total capacity of 26,800 Wh, enough for 1 to 2 weeks of full off-grid use. What further distinguishes the F3800 is its powerful maximum output current of 16A, which allows you to effortlessly run multiple electrical appliances at the same time, such as air conditioners, heaters and dishwashers. This feature not only provides extra comfort in the motorhome, but also allows complete independence from external power sources. In short, the F3800 also acts as a flexible mobile charging station. Combined with solar panels, it allows you to operate off-grid during your road trips.

Besides these powerful off-grid solutions, there are other innovative systems you can consider for a self-sufficient energy supply in your motorhome. Check out all power stations here.

Are you interested in off-grid systems for motorhomes and have questions about them? Feel free to contact us via email or phone!

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Optimal Charging on the Go

An essential part of an off-grid (camper) adventure is a reliable power supply. The EcoFlow 800W Alternator Charger is an innovative device that uses your vehicle's alternator to quickly and efficiently charge your power station. This device allows you to charge up to 8 times faster than through traditional vehicle outlets. In just 1.3 hours, you can add 1 kWh of power to your power station. Thanks to the built-in DC-DC converter, you can optimally utilize your vehicle's excess energy. This charger is ideal for off-grid travel with a camper, as it provides a reliable power source while driving.

Multifunctional Use

The 800W Alternator Charger functions as a 3-in-1 device. In charging mode, you use your car's alternator to recharge your power station. With the reverse charging mode, you can charge your vehicle's starter battery or the home battery in your camper using your power station. And in maintenance mode, you extend the lifespan of the batteries by using a lower current. This not only makes it possible to charge but also to maintain the batteries of your vehicle or camper and even use it as a jump starter in emergencies.

Convenience and Savings

This device not only offers convenience but also saves time, money, and space in your vehicle. Moreover, it contributes to extending the lifespan of your camper's batteries by connecting the alternator charger. It can even be paired with EcoFlow portable power stations to expand energy storage capacity. As for installation, it is simple: you can connect the charger to your vehicle's starter battery or your camper's battery for a hassle-free power experience during your trip. With this versatile and handy tool, you are always assured of sufficient power, wherever you go.

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