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Solar Power Supply 200W + EB70 Combo

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Power: 200W
Capacity: 716 Wh

Product description

Use the Solar Power Supply 200W + EB70 Combo for worry-free use of all your devices. The EB70 Power Station, weighing only 9.7 kg, is designed for ultimate portability and convenience, providing reliable power anywhere thanks to powerful LiFePO4 battery technology.

Charge your devices quickly with the Bluetti EB70 using the Solar Power Supply 200W solar panel. With a maximum power of 200W/28V, this solar panel effortlessly supplies energy to the EB70. You can also charge at home using the included 200W AC adapter or on the go with the 12V car charger.

With a battery capacity of 716 Wh and an output power of up to 1000 W, the EB70 provides ample energy to power all your devices during outdoor adventures, camping trips, or emergencies. Whether it's smartphones, laptops, lighting, TVs, or medical equipment, the EB70 is always ready.

The Solar Power Supply 200W solar panel is made of durable ETFE material and equipped with parallel solar cells for maximum efficiency. This technology ensures higher efficiency, better performance in shaded conditions, and therefore greater overall yield.

Thanks to the power of the sun, the Solar Power Supply 200W panel can generate an average of 950 Wh or more per day during optimal weather conditions. This allows you to fully charge the EB70 Power Station in just one day. Experience total freedom and independence with this powerful combination of portable power and solar energy.

In the box
  • Solar Power Supply 200W Solar Panel SPS 200
  • Manual
  • Bluetti EB70 Power Station – EU version
  • 200W AC adapter
  • Solar charging cable (MC4 to DC 7909 connector)
  • Car Charging Cable (Car Plug to DC 7909 connector)
  • User Manual
Download Manual

Brief specifications

for Solar Power Supply 200W Foldable Solar Panel SPS 200
Brand Solar Power Supply
Artikelnummer SPS 200
Warranty 2 years
Cell type Monocrystalline Sunpower (23% efficiency)
Power 200 W
Voc - Voltage open circuit 26,2 V

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Solar Power Supply 200W + EB70 Combo
Power: 200W
Capacity: 716 Wh
€ 699,-
Free shipping
Incl. 23% VAT

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