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SUNBEAMsystem Nordic 104W - Flush

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SUNBEAMSystem Power: 104 W
Output: Flush

Product description

The SUNBEAMsystem Nordic 104W Flush solar panel has a maximum output of 104 watt and is equipped with Sunpower cells with an efficiency of 22.5%. The size of the panel is 106 x 54 cm and is only 3 mm thick. Thanks to the highly efficient solar cells from Sunpower, the panel has on average a 30% smaller surface area than other panels of an equivalent wattage.

The Nordic series has been developed by SUNBEAMsystem for use in its region of origin: the northern latitudes. It offers a universal solution for applications with a requirement for lightweight, flexible and compact solar panels. Because of being more efficient than standard glass solar panels you’ll get a higher power output from a relatively small surface area. All in all the Nordic series offers the best value for the money option in the market.

All models are equipped with our unique Shadow Optimized technology for improved performance in partial shadowing. The Nordic models feature a smooth surface that is not scratch resistant but can be walked on occasionally with clean shoes.

The Flush models are shipped without stainless steel eyes allowing for a seamless integration on hard surfaces. For installation, we recommend double-sided tape or a soft flexible glue like the white Sikaflex 291i.

The SUNBEAMsystem Nordic 104W Flush solar panel has a maximum system voltage of 30 volts, which means you cannot connect it in series.

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  • SUNBEAM system Nordic 104W - Flush
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Brief specifications

Brand SUNBEAMSystem
Artikelnummer N106x54F
Warranty 2 years
Cell type Monocrystalline - SunPower (efficiency 22,5%)
Power 104 W
Voc - Voltage open circuit 22,69 V

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SUNBEAMsystem Nordic 104W - Flush
Power: 104 W
Output: Flush
€ 299,-
Free shipping
Incl. 23% VAT

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