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Second Chance - SUNBEAMsystem Mini-R PWM 5A

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SUNBEAMSystem Output: 12 V, 65 W
Input: 15 V - 23 V

Product description

The SUNBEAMsystem Mini-R might be the smallest 65W charging controller you have ever seen. As a so called ‘in-line’ controller, it’s been specifically designed for portable applications. Combine it with a solar panel (of max. 65W) and you’ll have a fully portable solar power source at your disposal.

The Mini-R is extremely light, user-friendly and features a waterproof IP67 housing. It comes with three extension cables: one is fitted with MC4 connectors for connecting a solar panel on the PV side. On the battery side you can choose between either a cable fitted with croc clamps to connect directly to your battery terminals, or a cable fitted with a 12V cigarette plug so you can easily connect to you battery via standard 12V sockets.

The Mini-R is only designed for 12V battery charge only. Optional accessory is the 8mm bolt/ring connector for a permanent connection to a battery.

Brief specifications

Brand SUNBEAMSystem
Artikelnummer Mini-R
Warranty 2 years
Product type PWM Charge Controller
Battery voltage 5 A
Rated charge current 12 V

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Second Chance - SUNBEAMsystem Mini-R PWM 5A
Output: 12 V, 65 W
Input: 15 V - 23 V
€ 59,90
Free shipping
Incl. 23% VAT

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