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Bluetti AC180T Portable Power Station

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Bluetti Capacity: 1,433.6Wh
(716.8Wh / 28Ah) × 2 pcs.

Product description

Discover the benefits of uninterrupted power with the BLUETTI AC180T Power Station. Thanks to the smart hot-swappable battery system, you are always assured of power, whether you use one battery or both. Simply charge the batteries, remove them one by one, and place them, for example, in the BLUETTI MultiCooler, while your devices continue to operate undisturbed. The removable LiFePO₄ (LFP) batteries ensure an impressive lifespan of more than 3000 charging cycles and maintain approximately 80% capacity over about 10 years.

The BLUETTI MultiCooler (see compatible accessories) is an innovative portable cooler with a generous capacity of 40 liters, offering a perfect combination of efficiency, robustness, and user-friendliness.

The AC180T Power Station effortlessly provides power to all your electronic devices, with a power of 1800W and a peak load of 2700W. With 7 different outputs, including 2 AC and 4 USB ports, the AC180T is a versatile power solution for all your devices.

Its compact size and sturdy construction make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether camping, traveling, or needing a reliable power source in emergencies, the AC180T is always ready. Simply plug it in while packing your car, and your AC180T (with both B70 batteries) will be fully charged and ready to go before you are - with a full charge in just 70 minutes. Even off-grid charging is possible with the fast 500W solar charging capability, allowing you to fully charge your AC180T in less than 3 hours.

Monitor real-time power consumption and effortlessly adjust settings with the BLUETTI App. With the BLUETTI AC180T Power Station, you are not only prepared for the present but also for the future. Thanks to its smart design, you can easily upgrade and customize the system to meet changing needs. From camping to emergencies, the AC180T is your reliable companion for every adventure.

In the box
  • Bluetti AC180T Portable Power Station
  • AC adapter
  • Solar charging cable
  • Car Charging Cable (Car Plug to DC 7909 connector)
  • Manual
Download Manual

Brief specifications

Brand Bluetti
Artikelnummer P-AC180T-EU-GY-BL-010
Warranty 5 years
Battery type LiFePO4
Battery capacity in Wh 1,433.6Wh
(716.8Wh / 28Ah)×2 units
Output USB 2 x USB-A 5V/3A
2 x USB-C 100W

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Bluetti AC180T Portable Power Station
Capacity: 1,433.6Wh
(716.8Wh / 28Ah) × 2 pcs.
€ 1.199,-
Free shipping
Incl. 23% VAT

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