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WATTSTUNDE 12-33 12V AGM Battery 33Ah C20

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Wattstunde Capacity: 33 Ah
System voltage: 12 V

Product description

The WATTSTUNDE 12-33 12V AGM battery 33 Ah C20 has a high cycle stability and therefore has a long service life even when used in combination with solar panels. High vibration resistance and slope resistance ensure reliable operation even in harsh conditions.

The WATTSTUNDE 12-33 12V AGM battery 33Ah C20 is a valve controlled and maintenance-free VRLA battery. The electrolyte is bound in a fiberglass mat (AGM = Absorbent Glass MAT) so that virtually no gas formation occurs. This also makes use possible in closed spaces or in the vicinity of people. Another advantage of the AGM technology: due to the leak resistance, it is possible to install the battery in every possible position (not just horizontally), thus guaranteeing the highest installation flexibility.

The amount of energy that can be extracted from a battery depends to a large extent on the period in which the battery is discharged. This is represented by the so-called C value. The number after the C describes the discharge time in hours. The faster the battery is discharged, the smaller the usable amount of energy. With a discharge within 10 hours (C10) 29 Ah is available, but if the battery is discharged within 20 hours (C20), 33 Ah is available.

In the box
  • WATTSTUNDE 12-33 12V AGM Battery 33Ah C20

Brief specifications

Brand Wattstunde
Artikelnummer 501-5033
Warranty 2 years
Battery type - AGM battery 33 Ah with VRLA technology
- Max. Charging current 9,9 A
- Connection M6
Capacity 33 Ah / 396 Wh
Voltage 12 V

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