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Goal Zero Yeti 1000X Lithium Portable Power Station (EU-version)

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Goal Zero Capacity: 983 Wh
Output: USB-A, USB-C, USB-C PD, 12 V DC/Car port, AC

Product description

The Goal Zero Yeti 1000X Portable Power Station is the successor to the Yeti 1000 Lithium. This power station has a compact design (387 x 259 x 250 mm), making the Yeti 1000X easy to transport (14.4 kg). The handy size of the Yeti ensures optimal ease of use during a holiday or as an emergency provision at home. With a capacity of 983 Wh and the various outputs, the Yeti 1000 is suitable for powering coolers, lighting, LED TV, laptops, smartphones and other equipment with a maximum power of up to 1500 Watt.

The Goal Zero Yeti 1000X has different outputs, from USB-A, USB-C PD (60 W), 12 V (120 W regulated) to 230 volt AC. It is possible to use the different outputs at the same time. In addition, the Yeti 1000X can be charged in different ways. For example via the socket (in 25 hours with the supplied charger). But the Yeti 1000X can also be charged in combination with solar panels. This way you form a powerful, self-sufficient energy system, whereby the charging time can be limited to an average of 4 hours. Note: when using the 8 mm input, the maximum wattage that can be connected is 120 W.

Goal Zero has also developed accessories such as the Yeti Link Car Charging Kit and the Yeti tank together with the Yeti link to further optimise the Power Station. Thanks to the Car Charging Kit, the Yeti Lithium (1000 or higher) can be charged while driving with the alternator in your vehicle. Charging takes place extra quickly with 25A - 50A (300W - 750W), which means that the Yeti Lithium is fully charged again within 2,5 hours. Combining the Yeti Tank with the Yeti Link can increase the capacity even further. The Yeti Tank Expansion Battery includes an AGM battery with a capacity of 1200 Wh (100 Ah). Each Yeti Tank AGM battery adds 1.2 kWh of energy storage to your system.

The Yeti 1000X is equipped with a clear front display. This allows you to monitor the input and output in Watts, Volts and Amps. The display also clearly indicates the charging status of the battery along with a timer with various uses. Whether you want it to show how many hours or minutes it will take to fully charge the battery or how long the Yeti can still power the connected device, you can use the handy buttons above the display to set this to your exact requirements.

The Goal Zero Yeti 1000X Lithium Portable Power Station has the capacity to power your essential devices.

In the box
  • Goal Zero Yeti 1000X Lithium Portable Power Station (EU-version)
  • AC adapter
Download Manual

Brief specifications

Brand Goal Zero
Battery type Li-ion NMC
(500 life cycles = -20% battery capacity)
Battery capacity in Wh 983 Wh
Output USB 2x USB-A Port: 5V up to 2.4A (12W max), regulated
USB-C Port: 5/12V up to 3A (18W max), regulated
USB-C PD Port (input/output): 5/20V up to 3A (60W max), regulated
Output DC 6mm Ports: 12V up to 10A (120W max), regulated
12V Car Port: 12V up to 15A (180W max), regulated
12V High Power Port: 12V up to 15A (180W max), regulated
Output 230 V 1 x AC 230 V (EU version)
total max. 1500 W continuous load
total max. 3000 W peak load

International 50 Hz pure sine wave.
Input DC 2 x Charge Port 8 mm 14-50V up to 10A (150W max)
1x High Power Port 14-50V up to 50A (600W max)
1 x USB-C PD Port (input/output): 5/20V up to 3A (60W max)
Recharge time via AC 9 hrs.
Wifi-function -
Dimensions 387 x 259 x 250 mm

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Goal Zero
Goal Zero Yeti 1000X Lithium Portable Power Station (EU-version)
Capacity: 983 Wh
Output: USB-A, USB-C, USB-C PD, 12 V DC/Car port, AC
€ 1.699,-
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