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Goal Zero Ranger 300 Solar Set - Yeti 1500X

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Capacity: 1516 Wh
Output: USB, USB-C, 12 V DC, AC

Product description

The combination of the Goal Zero Yeti 1500X Portable Power Station together with the Goal Zero Ranger 300 Briefcase is a handy solar set. This set features a high battery capacity and unlimited power supply, using the 300W foldable solar panel. In this way you provide all your basic needs during off-grid adventures, during emergencies or as a back-up system at home. With a battery capacity of 1516 Wh, this power station is suitable for powering almost any device up to 2000 W (3500 W peak load). This makes the power station suitable for charging small refrigerators, medical equipment, power tools, llaptops, drones, lighting, TVs etc.

The integrated MPPT charge controller ensures an efficient charging process. Together with the Ranger 300, the Yeti 1500X has a charge time of 8 -10 hours in good weather conditions. Via the socket, the Yeti 1500X can be charged within 12.5 hours with the supplied Adapter. In addition, the Yeti 1500X can be charged via the 12 V cigarette charger in a car with the Goal Zero 12V Charging Cable (see the matching accessories).

The Goal Zero Ranger 300 Briefcase is a light and sturdy foldable solar panel. Due to the low weight, the panel can be easily moved and you get the most energy from the sun. The Ranger 300 solar panel has been developed with an ETFE polymer top layer and a narrow aluminum frame. The solar panel can be connected directly to the Yeti 1500X via the HPP output. At the back of the Ranger 300 is a sturdy kickstand, which allows the panel to be angled towards the sun.

If a capacity of 1516 Wh is not sufficient, it is possible to expand the capacity of the Yeti 1500X. The Goal Zero Yeti Tank Expansion Battery V2 can be linked to the Yeti 1500X in combination with the Yeti Link Expansion Module to increase its energy storage capacity. A Yeti Tank Expansion Battery consists of an AGM battery with a capacity of 1200 Wh (100 Ah). Each Yeti Tank AGM battery adds 1.2 kWh of energy storage to your system. A maximum of 4 Yeti Tank Expansion Batteries can be connected in one system.

The Yeti 1500X has a clear display. On this you can monitor the input and the output in Watt, Volt and Ampere. The display also shows the charging status. To indicate how many hours or minutes it still takes to fully charge the battery, or how long the Yeti can still supply the connected device with energy.

With this Goal Zero Ranger 300 Solar Set - Yeti 1500X you have enough power and capacity to provide your indispensable devices with energy.

In the box
  • Goal Zero Yeti 1500X Lithium Portable Power Station (EU-version)
  • AC adapter
  • Goal Zero Ranger 300 Briefcase
  • Canvas Carrying Bag
Download Manual

Brief specifications

for Goal Zero Yeti 1500X Lithium Portable Power Station (EU-version)
Brand Goal Zero
Battery type Li-ion NMC
(500 life cycles = -20% battery capacity)
Battery capacity in Wh 1516 Wh
Output USB 2x USB-A port: 5V up to 2A (12w max), regulated
USB-C port: 5/12V up to 3A (18W max), regulated
USB-C PD port (input/output): 5/20V up to 3A (60W max), regulated
Output DC 6mm 12V ports: 12V up to 10A (120W max), regulated
12V Car port: 12V up to 13A (160W max), regulated
Output 230 V 1 x AC 230 V (EU version)
total max. 2000 W continuous load
total max. 3500 W peak load

International 50 Hz pure sine wave.
Input DC 2 x Charge Port 8 mm: 14/50V up to 10A (150W max)
1 x High Power Port: 14/50V up to 50A (600W max)
1x USB-C PD port (input/output): 5/20V up to 3A (60W max)
Recharge time via AC 12,5 hrs.
Wifi-function Yes
Dimensions 38,7 x 25,9 x 34,5 cm

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Goal Zero Ranger 300 Solar Set - Yeti 1500X
Capacity: 1516 Wh
Output: USB, USB-C, 12 V DC, AC
€ 3.049,-
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