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Second Chance - Xtorm Portable Power Station XP300U

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Xtorm Capacity: 281 Wh
Output: USB-A (QC), USB-C PD, 12V, AC

Product description

The Xtorm Portable Power Station XP300U is the portable power station for on the go. With its light weight and easy handling, the power station is extremely useful for camping, on the boat, during camping adventures or as an emergency supply. The XP300U Power Station has a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 281 Wh. This is equipped with a 12V output and a 230 V pure sine wave output, so that you can supply almost all electrical devices with a power of up to 300 watts with energy. This makes this power station the ideal electrical supply for many outdoor situations. From smartphone, tablet or laptop to lighting and small household equipment, such as cool boxes. 

The power station has 5 different output types, so that you have the right port for every situation. There is not only a 300W/230V AC output, but also a 120W 12V output, 1x 60W USB-C input/output and 3x USB-A outputs. To charge the Xtorm XP300 power station, this can be done via the USB-C PD input, or via the 6.5 mm DC input. Thanks to X-Charge, the power station can combine the input from two chargers for extra fast charging. When both the standard charger and a USB-C PD charger are connected, X-Charge is automatically activated and your XP300U can be charged up to 33% faster.

The 6.5mm DC input is suitable for connecting a solar panel. With the included MC4 to 6.5mm solar cable, all solar panels with an MC4 output (up to 80W) can be connected to this input. While charging via a solar panel, you can simultaneously supply your electrical devices with power. If you combine the power station with a solar panel, you have a self-sufficient energy system, so that you can continue to use your electrical appliances.

Brief specifications

Brand Xtorm
Artikelnummer XP300U
Warranty 2 years
Battery type Li-Ion
Battery capacity in Wh 281 Wh
Output USB 2 x USB-A (5V/3.1A)
1 x USB-A QC.3.0 18W
1 x In/out USB-C PD 60W

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Second Chance - Xtorm Portable Power Station XP300U
Capacity: 281 Wh
Output: USB-A (QC), USB-C PD, 12V, AC
€ 194,-
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