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Ecoflow PowerStream Micro Inverter 600W + 2x 400W Mono Solar Panel + Bracket

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PV Input Power: 400W x 2
Dimensions: 242 ×169 ×33 mm

Product description

The Ecoflow PowerStream Micro Inverter + 2 x 400W Mono Solar Panel combines solar panels with an innovative micro inverter, allowing you to feed solar energy back into the grid without the need for professional installation. The plug-and-play system generates direct current through the solar panels, which is then converted to alternating current through the inverter. The PowerStream micro inverter limits feed-in to a maximum output of 600 watts. This will be delivered to the household power grid via a conventional schuko plug.

With this balcony system, you have the opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions. By producing clean and renewable electricity, balcony systems help reduce the need for fossil fuels, thus minimizing CO2 emissions.

The PowerStream Microinverter is suitable for solar power production with up to 2x solar panels with a maximum output of 400W each. This balcony system with an output of 800W produces approximately 850 kWh of electricity per year. At a market-based electricity price of 30 ct/kWh, the balcony system can save 250€ per year. The payback period is on average 4-5 years.

In the box
  • Ecoflow PowerStream Micro Inverter-EU 600W
  • PowerStream-Solar Panel cable (supports up to 2 solar panels)
  • PowerStream AC charging cable
  • 2x Solar Power Supply 400W Mono Solar Panel
  • 2x Solar Power Supply Balcony Mounting Bracket 9-20 Degree

Brief specifications

for Ecoflow PowerStream Micro Inverter-EU 600W
Brand Ecoflow
Artikelnummer EFPowerStreamMI-EU-600W
Warranty 10 years
Output current 3.7A
PV input 400W x 2

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Ecoflow PowerStream Micro Inverter 600W + 2x 400W Mono Solar Panel + Bracket
PV Input Power: 400W x 2
Dimensions: 242 ×169 ×33 mm
€ 999,-
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